Bloch Healing is a unique form of relational therapy through touch, that is a gentle, effective and evidence-based way to improve health.

It is a 'person-centred' approach to healing in the tradition of the humanistic philosophers and psychologists, including Martin Buber, Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers.

Bloch Healing is the application of the principles of existential/relational person-centred psychotherapy through the modality of touch. This may be of particular benefit to people attracted to this approach, to those suffering from physical discomfort or pain, and for people with communication and other disabilities.

Although the word 'Healing' is used to describe Bloch Healing (and no other word seems appropriate to convey the essence of this approach), this is intended in the sense used by the humanistic philosophers and psychologists to describe that which may restore 'Health' in the broader sense, and not something dependent upon any mysterious or unusual properties.

This website presents the philosophical principles underpinning Bloch Healing and the practical application of these principles in a unique healing method.

The site was developed with the professional therapist in mind, but is also intended to be accessible to the interested layperson.

A simple introduction and information about individual sessions can be found on my website at
Bloch Healing: Cheshire & Manchester.