Bloch Healing Therapy, Cheshire and Manchester UK

Bloch Healing: Relational Therapy through Touch

- Principles and Practice -

How does Bloch Healing Work?



The practice of Bloch Healing is based on the theory, well supported by evidence from scientific research, that the opportunity to relate fully with another person in a transparent and safe environment, having first given formal consent by requesting therapeutic contact, contains the power to strengthen a person’s sense of themselves, and of the relationship that exists between themselves and other people and the world in general.





The Healer, after many years of intensive ‘hands-on’ experience, is able to sense the uniqueness of the Client with their hands. This happens in much the same way as in skilled psychotherapy, where a highly experienced, sensitive, interested and involved person, after a period of contact with another, comes to have a sense of the nature of that person, and the degree to which they are open to a fuller relating. With this awareness, the Healer is able to respond to the Client as the individual that they are. This response happens in the subtle aspects of how the Healer’s hands move and make contact, rather as one person, in attentive communication with another, signals to their partner their awareness of who they are as a person, and that they are available to Meet with them.


In this way, the Healer communicates to the Client that they are being offered a Meeting, that they are continuing to be offered a Meeting, and that this gentle and friendly invitation will continue indefinitely. This offer stands as a reminder to the Client of their existence, of their value, and of their freedom to accept the offer to Meet if and when they wish, with a partner that also exists and is of value. In the moment that the Client is able to recognise and is ready to accept this offer to Meet with the Healer, even if not always at first quite consciously, they are embracing their own existence, their own value and their connection with another person, who also exists, has value, and who can stand in partnership with them.


These Meetings, and the growing Moments of Clarity that follow them, are usually experienced by the Client as deeply rewarding. They tend to lead to a re-ordering of the Client’s priorities in life, with increasing precedence being given to activities and values that enhance a fuller sense of self in unifying relation with other people and things.

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