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Bloch Healing: Relational Therapy through Touch

- Principles and Practice -

What are the Benefits of Bloch Healing?



The benefits* of Bloch Healing include an increased ability to access and trust in one’s own thoughts, feelings and values, free from interference, and to make fuller connections with other people and with the world in general, together with an increasing openness to change. These lead to the many benefits of good Health.





Much research has been conducted into the qualities of the Healthy person, and these are generally held to include the freedom to live life to the best advantage of oneself and others, an openness to intimacy, a general sense of mental and physiological freedom, emotional well-being, the ability to think clearly, and greater creativity and originality of thought. There is now good evidence that therapies that offer Healing as I have defined the word tend to bring about change in these directions.


Although physiological changes may occur in any Healing modality, the hands-on method and guided movement of BH particularly encourages better posture, mobility, balance and relief from the commonest forms of musculoskeletal pain. During BH sessions, as chronically shortened musculature releases and expands, Clients will usually experience themselves releasing and re-organising physically. The harmonious re-orientation of the parts of the body (posture) expressed in movement (grace) occur as the manner in which Clients are presenting themselves physically alters in the direction of a fuller and more complete expression of who they most deeply and fully are as a person. These physical adjustments are both caused by, and lead to, a more vibrant and genuine sense of connection between body and mind.


Some of the benefits of BH are not different in essence to what happens spontaneously in a close and trusting relationship, when conditions are right. However, for many of us, relationships of this ideal quality may not be available, or may not be sufficiently often available to meet our true needs. And many of us will recognise that, even when relationships of this quality are available, our perception of ourselves and of others may have become such that it is difficult for us to allow Meetings of both the frequency and the relational depth necessary for our full Health, and in such circumstances we may benefit from the assistance of a professional Healer.


In addition to improved Health as I have defined it, Bloch Healing tends to lead to better mental and physical health as commonly defined; that is, of all aspects of health (in the common meaning) that are affected by Health (in the broader meaning), and it is this that we now turn.




*The effectiveness of the theoretical principles and the practical modality on which Bloch Healing are based are well supported by psychological and medical research. This section is based upon the following: academic research on, and philosophical considerations of, the characteristics of the ‘Healthy Person’; published scientific research into the benefits of the psychological therapies that are founded on similar theoretical principles to BH, with similar definitions of Health and Healing; research on the benefits of touch; published medical research into the effectiveness and benefits of the Alexander Technique; my own experiences with Clients; and the benefits reported by my Clients.

For more information, see the sections on ‘The Modern Western Academic Philosophical and Psychological Humanistic Tradition’,  ‘The Alexander Technique’, and ‘Further Reading’.

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