Bloch Healing Therapy, Cheshire and Manchester UK

Bloch Healing: Relational Therapy through Touch

- Principles and Practice -

Bloch Healing in Context




The Social Context: Narcissism and the Narcissistic Society

A significant aspect of the social context in which Bloch Healing evolved.


The Practical Context: The Alexander Technique

The hands-on method of Bloch Healing is based on the traditional way of communicating the principles of the Alexander Technique (AT). In this section the AT is introduced, and the similarities and differences between the two approaches are explored.


The Philosophical Context: The Philosophical and Psychological Humanistic Tradition

This section consists of a review of the modern western academic and therapeutic philosophical and psychological humanistic tradition, and of the relevant key aspects of the work of three of the most noted thinkers in the field. In concluding the section, Bloch Healing is located within this tradition of philosophical endeavour and practical assistance in the development of the person.


The Therapeutic Context: Bloch Healing in the Context of Psychotherapy and 'Body Work'

A consideration of where Bloch Healing should to be placed in the spectrum of therapies.

The social, practical, philosophical and therapeutic context of Bloch Healing

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