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Bloch Healing: Relational Therapy through Touch

- Principles and Practice -

The Principles of Bloch Healing



This section of the website introduces the principles that underpin Bloch Healing by describing the philosophy* of Rationality, Health and Healing upon which it is based. It offers a brief and original way of describing and defining each of these ideas, whilst making clear the way in which all three concepts are interlinked.


The characteristics of a Healing therapy that is based upon these principles are explored, as are the essential qualities of a person who practises Healing.



In this section:


The 'Rational Person'


What is Health?


What is Disease?


What is Healing?


What is a Healer?


What is a Healing Therapy?


The Use of Power in Healing






*Philosophy is the study of the principles underlying any department of knowledge, and this includes how people think about themselves, and about the nature of their relationship with other people and things. It is characterised by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational discourse. One of the most powerful philosophical tools used for the advancement of understanding, the goal of philosophy, is the consideration of the meanings that are attached to words. The common use of everyday words such as ‘rational’, ‘health’ and ‘healing’ can be very revealing as to how people generally think about these things, and can be a useful starting place to explore whether there might be some advantage in thinking about them in a different way.

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