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Bloch Healing: Relational Therapy through Touch

- Principles and Practice -

*A number of key words are used in a particular way when Capitalised. These are explained in more detail in the 'Principles' section and are defined in the Glossary. As a general guide, these words include the usual meanings, but go beyond them. For example, Health includes the usual meaning of physical soundness but also includes other, broader, markers of wellness, including the freedom to be oneself and to enter into genuine relationships with others.

What Happens in a Course of Bloch Healing sessions? (Q&A)



• What is the BH session format?

• What happens in the first meeting?

• What do Clients experience during a BH session?

• What do Clients experience after a BH session?

• What does not happen in a BH session?

• How frequently should Clients schedule their BH sessions?

• How does the Healer recognise when a Client is improving?

• How many sessions do Clients need?

• When is a course of BH completed?

• Can everyone be helped by BH?



What is the BH session format?

The BH session lasts for about 40 minutes. Everyday, comfortable clothes are ideal for sessions, and none need be removed. Most sessions take place sitting in a chair, although it is also possible for Clients* to make use of a therapy couch if this is more comfortable.


The Healer* places their hands on the Client in a manner that is gentle and non-intrusive. The atmosphere of sessions is informal and relaxed.


During the session, guided movement from sitting to standing and back to sitting is also used. Movement provides the Client with an opportunity to continue with the deeper sense of themselves and of their relationship with their surroundings that develops during the session into a simple activity, the definition of graceful movement.


What happens in the first meeting?

During the first meeting, time is allowed for introductions. The Client has an opportunity to say why they have come and to ask any questions that they may have. The Healer will always review with the Client what will and what will not happen in a session and the Client is reassured that they will not be touched in areas of the body that might generally be considered to be 'personal'. Some Clients find it helpful to bring a trusted friend or relative with them to their sessions, and this is a requirement for children and vulnerable adults.


At the end of the first session, the Healer will try to answer questions such as; “Can you help me?” and “How long will it take for me to improve?” The great majority of new Clients allow themselves to be Met, at least a little, in the first session, and this makes it very likely that there will be further progress. Allowing for the sensitivities of the Client, the Healer always aims to give the most accurate possible feedback about their experience of each session.


Neither a first session, nor any subsequent session, ever commits a Client to further sessions. It is made clear to Clients that they are always completely free to make their own decisions on this matter, without needing to provide any explanation.


What do Clients experience during a BH session?

Clients generally experience sessions as very rewarding. Some of the most frequent reported experiences of Clients during a session are: a feeling of relaxation, a sense of peace, a feeling of physical ease and lightness, a sense of being in balance within themselves, a sense of “relief” at being Met in this way, and sometimes a clearer sense of who they are and how they feel about things, or a change of perspective on some aspect of their lives.


The most effective moments in a BH session are those in which a Meeting* takes place between Healer and Client. The depth, duration and the subjective experience of that Meeting, and its immediate and long-term consequences, vary tremendously from person to person, and even from one session to the next. Some Clients may not feel very much initially, whereas others will have a more intense experience. This may be because of a large variation in the amount of change that occurs, but it is equally likely to be because of differences in perception. After a number of sessions, most Clients find that their sensitivity increases such that they become more aware of the changes that occur within and between sessions.


What do Clients experience after a BH session?

Although there is a considerable variation in subjective experience, Clients generally report experiencing a growing sense of themselves and a greater clarity about the nature of their relationships with others, which is perceived as positive in every way, along with pronounced physiological and psychological loosening, easing and strengthening. Clients frequently report a feeling of calm and well-being.


Some Clients report feeling tired, especially after the first few sessions. This is probably caused by the unaccustomed demands of being open to being Met, and the changes in perception that this brings about, as well as a certain amount of physical re-alignment. Most Clients need some time in order to process what has been experienced, physically and emotionally.


With some Clients, it may be that experiences that led to the initial disturbance in perception will come to consciousness, allowing them an opportunity to come to terms with what happened, and to move on. Since the process of change is never imposed by the Healer, and since people do not usually allow such changes until they are ready to assimilate them, Clients can be reassured that all will be well.


During a course of BH, most Clients find that they become increasingly attuned to their ability to allow themselves to be Met and to Meet with others, both in the Healing sessions and in their everyday lives. Clients find they are able to refer to their own values for their guide as to how they should live their lives. As self-confidence grows, they find themselves choosing activities, situations and relationships more conducive to their good Health.


What does not happen in a BH session?  

BH Clients can be confident that sessions will never contain unpleasant shocks or surprises. Clients will never be asked to do anything in any way in which they will be judged to have ‘failed’, and they will be treated at all times with dignity and respect.


Clients need not fear that the establishing of a Meeting with the Healer will involve the breaching of that which psychologists call “defences”, that are in place in order to protect the person from hurt. Rather, BH works by strengthening the person’s sense of themselves until these defences can be allowed to fall away, since the person no longer requires them.


People who feel unwell physically or psychologically may come to a Healer in the hope that the Healer will heal them, in the sense of doing something that will repair what they perceive to be broken or damaged. Whilst not at all dismissing the value of an active form of healing in this manner when appropriate (at the extreme end of this continuum is surgical repair), this is not the function of BH. Rather, it is to offer an opportunity for the Client to perceive themselves and their relationship with the Healer (and, by extension, with all people) in a different light. What is significant about Healing of this sort is the availability of the Healer for a genuine and safe Meeting, which gives the Client an enhanced opportunity to decide to avail themselves of the Meeting that is being offered. Any attempt by the Healer to impose such a Meeting on the Client deprives them of an opportunity to decide for themselves to engage in the Meeting, in their own way and in their own time, the fundamental basis of all true Healing.


How frequently should Clients schedule their BH sessions?

Because people differ from one another, it is difficult to give a general answer to this question. However, at the beginning of a course, for the first few weeks, the greatest possible frequency of sessions is usually a distinct advantage, even several each week. Should this be difficult to manage, less frequent sessions can also work well, especially if allowance is made for the time needed to see positive change. After a few weeks, most Clients know for themselves how frequently they should come for the best results.


How does the Healer recognise when a Client is improving?

The most important sign of therapeutic movement during a course of BH is when the Client is able to trust the Healer sufficiently to allow a Meeting to take place between them. As this trust grows, Meetings increase in both frequency and depth until most Clients report a tendency for this openness to generalise into their everyday lives.


In time BH sessions, which are always to some degree a ‘partnership’, become more self-evidently so to both Client and Healer. The experience of Meeting, at first dimly recognised by the Client, is perceived more clearly, giving the Client an awareness of a possibility to which they can return again and again, to reaffirm a clearer sense of themselves and of their relationships.


How many sessions do Clients need?

As with the learning of any personal skill, the answer to this question varies according to where a particular Client is starting from, what they would like to achieve and how quickly they are able to move in that direction. Allowing for these variables, it is usually possible to provide the Client with an approximate answer to this question after two or three sessions. It is not unusual for a Client’s goals to change during a course of BH sessions.


When is a course of BH completed?

Many Clients make some progress and find that this is sufficient for their purposes. Others may come to a point at which they are satisfied for now, only to find that they are ready to move forward with this sort of help again later. Still others may find the experience of BH something to which they wish to return regularly over many years. Not making another appointment for the time being certainly does not preclude making another appointment in the future.


Ideally, perhaps, BH is completed when the Client has developed to the point that they have gained a sufficient sense of themselves, such that they will tend to make choices and relationships in life that reliably deepen their sense of themselves and of their connection with the rest of the world. In such Clients, Health is perceived as a direction, as much as a destination. These Clients may decide that they can continue to benefit from the help that a Healer has to offer, but they are able, should they so wish, to continue with their own development in this direction without the assistance of a Healer.


Can everyone be helped by BH?

Research in psychotherapy has consistently shown that the success of therapy depends very much on the extent to which a Client is attracted to the philosophical principles of a therapy and is able to work well with the particular therapist; and this is certainly true of BH. A major purpose of this website is to give referring professionals and the potential Client some information on which to make their best judgement on these matters although, as with any practical philosophy, a personal experience will convey more than any amount of written explanation.


Healing occurs through the experience of being Met, of being touched by someone who can find it within themselves to accept and value you for all that you are, have been, and will be, without condition or judgement. Some Clients are more prepared for such a Meeting than others, so it is the task of the Healer to continue to be available until the Client is ready to be Met, in the Client’s own time and in the Client’s own way. When this Meeting takes place, Healing is inevitable.


My experience is that almost anyone who wishes to pursue BH is able to make some progress. For those rare Clients with whom I feel that no Meeting has occurred in the first session, but who are still willing to give it a “fair try”, I usually suggest that they allow themselves a second session, preferably within one week of the first. There seems to be a mechanism whereby, having experienced and yet been unable to use the first opportunity, the Client goes away and decides that on the next occasion they will allow a brief Meeting, in order to find out whether I am worthy of their trust. If I am able to justify their courage with my own honesty, gentleness, and openness there comes about a gradual opening up. I have found that in the long run such Clients are often most particularly successful with BH.


Those not able to respond on a second or third occasion are unlikely to respond in subsequent sessions, at least not at this time, but ought not to be unduly concerned about this. It may be that such a Client would be helped by another Healing modality, or by another Healer, as we are all very different in how, and by whom, we can be assisted in this way.

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