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Bloch Healing: Relational Therapy through Touch

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Bloch Healing

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What is Bloch Healing?


Bloch Healing (BH) is a therapeutic approach in which hands-on contact is used to communicate a philosophy of Health*. Through the relationship between Healer and Client that is established in the BH session, each is provided with an opportunity to experience a clearer sense of themselves, and of the relationship that exists between them.


This experience leads in time to a re-ordering of priorities in life, with increasing precedence given to activities and relationships that serve to enhance a fuller sense of self and a deeper connection with others, essential requirements for psychological and physical Health.



The Core Principles of Bloch Healing


1. The ability to live a Healthy* life is dependent upon a person possessing a clear perception of what it is that they most profoundly think, feel and value, and of the connection that exists between themselves and others.  


2. Because we are relational creatures, it is in genuine relating between one person and another that these perceptions may be most readily evoked, when the obstacles to full communication fall away and each is free to be who they most fully are in relation to the other. This ‘Meeting’ is the essence of the Healing relationship.


3. The primary goal of a Healer is to relate with their Client honestly and to care for, respect and dignify them as the full person that they are. This allows the Healer to offer a ‘Meeting’ to the Client. When the Client is able to recognise and is ready to accept this offer, even if not always at first quite consciously, then a ‘Meeting’ takes place between them, and both are Healed.


4. A Healing relationship may occur in any modality. However, the directness of contact afforded by touch can make it easier for many people to allow the unimpeded communication required for a ‘Meeting’ to take place.


5. ‘Meetings’ lead inevitably to ‘Moments of Clarity’, which are characterised by a clearer sense of oneself, of one’s own feelings, values and priorities, and of the relationship that exists between all people.


6. ‘Moments of Clarity’ tend to lead, in time, to a re-ordering of a person's priorities in life; with increasing precedence given to activities, situations, relationships and values more conducive to good Health, in every sense of the word.



The Therapeutic Model and Modality of BH


Bloch Healing is located within the modern western philosophical and psychological humanistic tradition. Its principles of Healing* are closely aligned with those of some of the most noted humanistic thinkers, especially those of

Martin Buber and also with the later work of Carl Rogers, who is generally considered to be one of the most eminent psychologists of the twentieth century, and probably the most influential psychotherapist of the last sixty years.


In Bloch Healing these principles are applied through ‘hands-on’ contact as used in the teaching of the Alexander Technique. This method allows for a sensitive and subtle therapeutic contact with another person, without the need to do something to them physically, for the purpose of communicating thoughts and intentions directly and efficiently through the medium of touch.


Although Bloch Healing is a unique approach, the effectiveness of the theoretical principles and the practical method on which it is based are well supported by psychological and medical research.

*A number of key words are used in a particular way when Capitalised and are defined in the Glossary. As a general guide these words include the usual meanings, but go beyond them. For example, Health includes the usual meaning of physical soundness but also includes other, broader, markers of wellness, including the freedom to be oneself and to enter into genuine relationships with others.