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Bloch Healing: Relational Therapy through Touch

- Principles and Practice -

What is Bloch Healing?



Bloch Healing is a therapeutic approach in which hands-on contact is used to communicate a philosophy of Health. Through the relationship between Healer and Client that is established in the BH session, each is provided with an opportunity to experience a clearer sense of themselves, and of the relationship that exists between them.


This experience leads in time to a re-ordering of priorities in life, with increasing precedence given to activities and relationships that serve to enhance a fuller sense of self and a deeper connection with others, essential requirements for psychological and physical Health.





The philosophy of BH is an original restatement of the fundamental principles of Healing expounded by several of the most noted philosophers of Health, from some of the earliest recorded thinkers through to the influential work of the modern humanistic philosophers, psychologists and therapists. In essence, these principles hold that it is only when a person has a clear sense of what it is that they most profoundly think, feel and value, and of the connection that exists between themselves and others, that they are truly free to live their life as a "Healthy Person". It is in the relationship between one person and another that these qualities are most readily evoked; when both are free to be who they most completely are whilst in open contact with the other. When such a moment of relating occurs, then Healing is inevitable.


In the BH session, these principles are applied in a new and powerful Healing method that grew out of many years of philosophical study and practical experience as a touch therapist. Through subtle hands-on contact, the Healer communicates to the Client their availability for a genuine personal Meeting. When the Client is able to sense this offer and is ready to accept it, then a Meeting takes place between them in which each, as a full and complete person, encounters the other.


The goal of the BH session is the growth within the Client of a greater appreciation of their own thoughts and feelings, of who they are as a person and what is of importance to them, together with a greater awareness of the connection that exists between themselves and the Healer and, by extension, of the connection that at all times exists between themselves and everyone, and even everything, else.





The Meeting

The purpose of the BH session is to facilitate a Meeting between Healer and Client, a model of Healthy relating that has the power to change our sense of ourselves and of our relationships with one-another.


It is in this Meeting that Healing occurs, at the moment where the obstacles to genuine communication fall away. In this moment both Healer and Client are free, as the persons that they know themselves most completely to be, to Meet with the other as they most completely are, in full communication, and for the sake of this alone, without each having any requirement or demand of the other.


The Meeting in BH is a direct experience of the connection that exists between Healer and Client; and the task of the Healer is to facilitate this Meeting by attending to the quality of the relationship that exists between themselves and their Client, noticing the extent to which they are able to make contact, as a person, with the Client, whilst being at all times available to relate more fully.


Moments of Clarity

In the Healing relationship, a Moment of Clarity occurs when the Client accepts the Healer’s offer of a Meeting. Consenting to this contact is an affirmation by both Healer and Client of the full humanity of each, and of the unifying connection that exists between them.


In this Moment of Clarity, the delusion of isolation from their partner in Healing (and, by extension, from all people) becomes unsupportable. Concerns and plans that had once seemed important fall away in the face of greater truths. There comes about a new valuing of oneself and of the other person, and of the connection that exists between; a true mutuality, an experience of genuine intimacy. In this Moment of Clarity both Healer and Client are Healed.


Although at first, for some Clients, such Moments of Clarity may occur with an intensity that can hardly be perceived, close to the threshold of consciousness, yet these experiences have happened, and the Client is changed by them, and will usually come in time to notice and appreciate these changes. With repeated sessions, and with increasing trust in themselves and in the Healer, the ability of the Client to avail themselves of these experiences grows such that Moments of Clarity increase in frequency and intensity and may, in time, become theirs at will without the assistance of a Healer.


The "Rational Person"

Moments of Clarity are characterised by a clearer sense of ourselves, of our own values and priorities, and of our connection with other people and things. They change our perception of reality and afford us a glimpse of Rational thought.


And in time, as Moments of Clarity blend into a more ‘steady state’, we find ourselves looking to ourselves alone for the answers to the questions of what to do and of how to be, and of the nature of our association with the people and things around us. We are free to enter into a full relationship with ourselves, and between ourselves and others, upon which Health depends. Our perception is cast anew, our mind is our own, and we are free to welcome further experience and change.




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