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Bloch Healing: Relational Therapy through Touch

- Principles and Practice -

What is Healing?*



The common meaning of the word ‘healing’ is the act or process of regaining health or, more specifically, the “restoration of damaged living tissue to normal function”.


However, we have seen that full Health depends upon access to one’s own thoughts and feelings, and the freedom to use only these as the originating force in all ideas and action; as well as the knowledge of the connection that exists between ourselves and all others.


It follows, then, that Healing in its fullest sense must include that which clarifies our perception of our own nature and which facilitates a lively sense of the fundamental unity of all people, and perhaps even of all things.**


A kind word, a gentle touch, a beautiful painting, a sudden insight; all have the potential to change our outlook, so that we can perceive the world anew. Any activity or experience may be Healing, according to the individual person and their needs at the time.


However, since we are relational creatures, Healing often happens most easily in relation to another person, at the moment where obstacles to a Meeting suddenly fall away and we are free, as the person that we know ourselves most fully to be, to meet with another person as they most fully are, and for the sake of this alone, without each having any requirement or demand of the other. In this moment we have been understood and acknowledged. We have been met as a person. We have been ‘touched’. This is the quality that is called intimacy, and it is a definition of love.


Such an experience of Meeting, even if fleeting, reconnects us to ourselves and to all. In these moments we know what is of real importance to us and what is not. These ‘Moments of Clarity’ are the essence of Healing. Although, at first, they may pass all too quickly, yet in some way we are changed by them forever, because we never completely forget what it is that we have learned about ourselves, and of our relationship to everyone and everything else.





*A note on the use of the word ‘Healing’ when used to describe and define Bloch Healing. 

There is an unavoidable danger, when defining a new method with the use of a word in common currency, of false association. The word ‘healing’ is often associated nowadays with the direct repair of damaged tissues or the employment of, or assistance of, special or supernatural powers, neither of which is at all the meaning intended here.

The obvious alternative word is therapy, which also comes with associations not appropriate to BH, in that it is generally used for therapeutic methods based upon principles that require the therapist actually to do something to the patient in order to treat them for some specific problem.

In calling my work ‘Healing’, I use the word in order to describe a particular change in outlook or perception, and I use the word ‘Healer’ in order to describe a person whose profession it is to assist others in making this change in outlook or perception. The word ‘Healing’ is favoured because it is usually associated with a more complete state (it is believed to be derived from ‘whole’, via ‘hale’), in which all needs are experienced as being met and a person is as Healthy as they could hope to be, the subjective experience of the person who is at that Moment in complete connection with themselves and another.


**In addition to our human physical, social and psycho-spiritual interconnectedness, many scientists and philosophers have observed that we are in some way connected to all the forms of life on our planet. Some have gone even further, suggesting that even inanimate things may beneficially be conceived to have, of themselves, a life of some sort to which we are immutably connected, and that they may be related to as such. Although this last idea may at first seem fanciful, yet it is a perspective with ancient philosophical roots, and one that is increasingly being explored as an important route to a deeper understanding of our universe by some of the most acclaimed modern scientists.

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